Persian and Exotic Breeder in Northern Virginia

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 KramKatten's Eye'm an Odd Fellow! 

AKA "Skippy" or " Mama's Bebisar"

Pictured here growing out from a lion cut.

To show in 2019

Coming to DesignPurrs October 28th 2016 Via Lufthansa, from Sweeden.  We waited a long time to find the right Odd Eye Cream and White Pure Persian Boy. 

We can not than you enough Anki Hagg from KramKattens Cattery for this amazingly beautiful addition to our cattery!  This baby should help increase the ODDS that we will have Odd Eyed Persians  in our programs. 

DesignPurrs Moonie JR-My dad is OE

Born January 2018, meet  "Moonie Jr." DesignPurrs Moonie Jr-My Dad is OE.  He is a Homozygous short haired boy, so  he will ONLY produce short haired kittens. He does not carry CPC, (CHimalayan color,) and he does carry chocolate. He does not carry dilute. Therefore, all of his kitttens will be full color spotted vans. (Van: extreme high white) He has a great personality and is a tad better in type than his dad below Moonie Sr. (Moonie was replaced by his son Moonie Jr.)  He has one leg spot, a nose spot and " tiny eyebrows" coming in. The tip of his tail is white, and the begining of his tail is also white, (rather than the tail color coming up the back, the white comes down the tail about an inch.)  

Pictured here at about 5 1/2 months. He is starting to fatten up! 

CH DesignPurrs Eye'm Over the Moon! "Moonie" RETIRED  August 2018


CH Purfurvid With a Black Bonnet on it.. "Bonnet" 

CH DesignPurrs Chicken on Cotton 

Our first in house Odd Eye Boy.  The heart of DesignPurrs. 

Moonie is the father to Moonie JR. 


Championed in September 2017 at National Capitol cat show.

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