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Not all queens on this page are active breeders. 

CH PurfurVid With a Black Bonnet on it!

Born: April 12, 2015. She is the daughter of: 

Mom: GC RW Purfurvid Pop Gun "Poppy"

Poppy is 10th Best Kitten in the CFA Southwest Region and 5th Best Exotic Kitten Nationally for the the CFA 2010-2011 Show Season!

You may view Poppy here:

Dad:  Psymis Boogey Man of Purfurvid "Boog"

Boog is a super unique Black and White Van. Extremely large well set round eyes tiny nose, plush fur, and a sweet disposition.

 You may view Boog here:

Bonnet has had two litters, a litter of three, with CH DesignPurrs Chicken on Cotton, and a litter of one with KramKattens Eye am an Odd Fellow.  "Skippy" 

In her first litter was an odd eyed boy, CH DesignPurrs Eye am Over the Moon, "Moonie" a black and white van, and in her second litter of one was DesignPurrs Eye love her,  "Speedy" an exceptional odd eyed calico van.  (Pictured below) 

CH PurFurVid With a Black Bonnet on it  Championed in September 2017 at National Capitol cat show.


"Penny"  is a typical redhead, in charge cattitude. She is a fun free spirited girl with a playful disposition. She is very sweet. 

Classic red tabby and white, Penny is the daughter of: 

GC RW Purfurvid Piccadilly — "Dilly" was ranked 19th Best Kitten in the Southwest Region and 7th Best Exotic Kitten Nationally in CFA's 2008-2009 show season. She's the daughter of CH Corsica Parfait of Purfurvid

Purfurvid King-Of-Hearts — "Eddy" is at homozygous for shorthair. He's got an awesome head and a super affectionate personality. His dad is GC Paupau Angels Black Jack, and mom is CH Purfurvid Polkadotty.

Click the links above to see her parents and pedigree 

Kramkatten's Eye'm an OE Swedish Girl "Baby Selma" 

Born September 2017, Baby Selma was hand fed by her breeder through the very cold Swedish Winter-- as mom was not producing sufficient milk to sustain her litter. Baby Selma is a little tiny sweet and cute baby girl. Because she was hand fed, she is very attached to human companionship. We waited until she was big enough and the winter chill was over before having her hand carried from Sweden to USA. She is a spoiled and loved pet and a beautiful addition to the  DesignPurrs breeding program. She is paired with Callalina, above, as her adopted mommy.  We are hoping to pair her to Moonie Jr in hopes of breeding an odd eyed short haired, and possibly Homozygous short haired babies. She can also be paired with "Skippy" KramKatten's Eye'm an Odd Fellow, as he is also Odd eyed, but those two could produce exotic long hairs in the odd eye variety so we hope to breed her to Moonie Jr, as all will be short haired. 

We cant thank Anki Haag of Kramkattens enough for this very special little girl with such an incredible pedigree!  

She is an odd eyed patched tabby short haired van girl with giant round odd eyes and an absolutely sweet disposition.

CH DesignPurrs Eye Love Her! OE  "Speedy" 

Born November 2017, Speedy is a mischievous and stubborn baby. She wants to do what she wants to do and does not take no for an answer. She is an absolutely stunning Odd eye Calico girl. She competed at Mad Catters 2019 and earned Champion title.

CH ThreeWishes Day Dreamer (of DesignPurrs) a sweet white odd eyed (cracked eye) Exotic. After a long search we found this girl who contains all the desired DNA. She has been thoroughly DNA tested. She is short hair, carries chocolate, is bi-color of some sort under her white, potentially tipped (silver calico for example.) She is dilute. Through DNA color testing, as well as the white spotting gene test, we determined she is indeed bi-color (under her white.)  Her dad is a cameo tabby and white (red tabby smoke and white) and her mom is a blue eyed white who is likely a seal or chocolate point under her white. Her dad is not known nor thought to carry odd eye genes. However, we hope to see a good mix between odd eyed whites and our bicolor odd eyes.

DesignPurrs Lollypop-My dad is OE!  (Lollypop)  

She is the sweet counterpart of her sister Speedy, CH DESIGNPURRS EYE LOVE HER-OE!

She is also the 1/2 sister to Moonie CH DESIGNPURRS EYE"M OVER THE MOON.

(She has these two odd eye siblings) 


Her dad is KramKattens Eye'm and Odd Fellow. (Visual cream and white OE)

DesignPurrs Precious Born 2019, both her parents are Odd Eye. 

Mom: KramKattens Eye am an OE Swedish Girl 


Dad: KramKattens Eye am an Odd Fellow 

(Selma and Skippy) 

She is very sweet smart and funny. She has a splendid personality and is developing purrfectly for show. 

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Cute Blinking Blue Cat