Persian and Exotic Breeder in Northern Virginia

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Policies page: 

1) Please be patient and wait for your baby to be old enough to go home. 

 Everyone seems to want a tiny baby, but the best one to take care of the tiny baby is the mother.  After 14, but ideally after 16 weeks is best, as the kitten has developed immunity and is big and strong at that age.

2) We DO NOT take deposits!

Since we do not take deposits, we therefore do not sell a kitten that does not yet exist or who is not ready. If the kitten of cat is on the available page, it is very likely ready or will be ready soon upon arrangements with a prospective family. If on the nursery page, the kitten is too young to be promised out.  We wait until vaccinations are near complete and kitten is within a few weeks of placement to publish the kitten on the available page. We wait until you are matched with your kitten then you pay for your kitten at pick up. We do request a dialogue about your family and the kitten so that we may make the best possible match.

3) As emails and calls flood in to DesignPurrs, phone calls are answered last, emails and texts are answered first.  
Kittens are held for a few days (up to 2 weeks) once ready and scheduled with the family. Should the family change their mind, the next person who inquired has the opportunity.  We have found this the best practice considering fairness. If a kitten is unclaimed and ready, we may do a pop- in or next day appointment, but we do not allow pop-ins on claimed kittens or allow families to "stop by" to choose pick of the litter or "drop by and pick" from all. At the kitten pick up/meeting, you are under no obligation to purchase the kitten, but please be mindful of our time as we do not wish to be a pet store with a parade of people in and out. In the case of adults, we allow a scheduled meeting before pick up to ensure a personality match. 

4) We schedule a showing of the available kitten by appointment only ---once a kitten is matched to your family. We must have a conversation about what kitten you are coming to see. Kittens must be washed (groomed) and fully presentable for a showing. No exceptions. 

5) If there are any issues with placing a kitten or cat with you, abuse towards the animal or breeder  will not be tolerated under any circumstances.
 If there is an issue it is best to discuss the issue (like civilized adults) so that we may offer our advise or opinions.  This may save costly vet bills and heartache and headache. 

6) If you choose to go to a vet, other than our regular vet, we do not automatically accept any diagnosis or advise.
The opinions held by veterinarians can be vastly different and sometimes incorrect. Please use caution when taking the kitten or cat to the vet and the fees for any testing included. We will never be responsible for any vet fees under any circumstances.

7) Kitten must be spayed or neutered after 7 months of age.  We do not sell breeders except rarely to top show homes and catteries only. We, however, do not condone early spay and neuter on a purebred kitten. 

8) You are buying a live animal.  Just like any living being, kittens are susceptible to disease and sickness, heart problems, and or any other condition a living being is susceptible to.  We do genetically test our cats and have no genetic issues in our program. The cat/kitten is guaranteed to be Pkd, FeLV and FIV negative. We do not have HCM in our program. We do not have fleas, worms, ticks, or any other parasites. We do not have a problem with FIP.  If any, all known health and personality issues are disclosed to the family. 

9) We never recommend a live virus vaccination. All vaccines that show on the shot record are valid. DO NOT re-vaccinate or over medicate. It could be the death of the kitten. Only a killed rabies will be due after 4 months of age. The rabies vaccination is required to be administered by a licensed veterinarian.  Upper respiratory or distemper is most likely already given by us here at Designpurrs. Distemper will not be due until a year later. 
 We recommend a period of adjustment in the home before a rush trip to the vet. We recommend the rabies vaccine be given as a separate appointment than spay or neuter. We recommend that the baby be given rabies between 4-6 months of age, and spay or neuter be done at about 7 months of age.  Breaking up the appointments over time is better in most cases. There are some very rare cases where a neuter or spay would not be recommended, in the case of extremely delicate or old Persians. We have had one boy who we placed as a whole cat for fear of anesthesia. Never use Ketamine as an anesthesia! 

10) Upon successful match to your kitten or cat, an appointment is scheduled. The best times for us is around 3pm during the week, and on Saturday or Sunday. We will schedule based on both of our availability. We then give you the coordinates (land mark) near the cattery,  for you to to plan for drive time, then we give the actual address the day before the appointment. We do not meet in a public place outside. We meet in the cattery condo. We let the kitten meet with you in familiar surroundings. No Exceptions. 

11) Please bring a crate with a towel, and a spare towel if you have a long drive.  Towels allow the kitten to grip into the fabric, rather than slide around on the plastic floor of the crate, and the towel also helps to absorb any throw up  from a long car ride.  

Should you be interested in a kitten,
 Please email us and we will try to match you to your kitten. 

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