Persian and Exotic Breeder in Northern Virginia

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DesignPurrs Eye Love Her!! 

Born November 2017

Daughter of  CH PurfurVid With a Black Bonnet on it, "Bonnet"  and KramKattens Eye'm an odd Fellow "Skippy"  She is an Odd Eyed Calico Van Exotic.  Not many like her in the world!!! Her right is blue, like her half brother Moonie.

DesignPurrs Eye'm Over the Moon, 'Moonie" Our first "in-house" DesignPurrs ODD EYE baby boy!

Meet DesignPurrs Eye'm Over the Moon!  It has been a dream for years to breed Odd eyes.  We had just written a Kontract out of Sweeden the very week "Moony" was born.  We had no EYE'dea he was an Odd fellow too! That is why Eye'm Over the Moon!  We had thought that Pokadot-- Moony's Grandmeow, might be an Odd Eye carrier, but thought the chances were??? Pokadot's son, DesignPurrs Chicken on Cotton took on her hidden gene. We selected PurfurVid's With a Black Bonnet on it for Chicken, to breed  high quality black and whites. When their three babies were born, we went over the moon at the high white van boy, and the day Mooney opened his eyes EYE knew in my heart of hearts that he was an Odd fellow! So after a few days, we brought out the flash (sorry little fella.) Only Blue eyes reflect back a red pupil with the flash on!!! We are all over the moon for Moonie! Moon-Moonie is an Exotic Short Hair Odd Eye Black and white Van.  

KramKattens Eye'm an ODD fellow! (Visual Odd Eye Cream and White Van)  

Kramkatten's Eye'm an ODD fellow!  "Skippy" or "Mamas Bebisar" 

We waited years for the right cream and white pure Persian to be available. Ironically, the week we Kontracted with KramKattens, Moony was born! 

Odd eyes will be our newest and most specific focus. 

Thank you Anki Hagg of KramKattens ! If we thanked you a million times over for "Skippy" it wouldn't be enough!  

Mamas Bebisar's mom, Agnes is an Odd eye Visual, dilute calico van,  and daddy, Lufsen  is a cream and white Odd Eye Carrier. 

DesignPurrs Chicken on Cotton Proven Odd eye carrier (Black and white Harlequin van ESH) 

DesignPurrs Chicken on Cotton Born July 2015. Weighing in at a whopping 12.5 lbs, Chicken is the father to Moony, our first odd eye exotic short hair.  We chose Bonnet for Chicken specifically to breed high quality Black and White Exotic Short Hair Vans, and when those two produced Moonie, we were elated! We knew he was nice, but we did not know just how valuable to our own program he would prove to be! He produced our first in house Odd Eye baby! 


PurFurVid With a Black Bonnet on it (Proven Odd eye Carrier) Mom to Moony Black and White Van

Meet PurfurVid With a Black Bonnet on it! 

Born: April of 2015. She is the daughter of:  

Mom: GC RW Purfurvid Pop Gun "Poppy"

Poppy is 10th Best Kitten in the CFA Southwest Region and 5th Best Exotic Kitten Nationally for the the CFA 2010-2011 Show Season!

You may view Poppy here:

Dad:  Psymis Boogey Man of Purfurvid "Boog"

Boog is a super unique Black and White Van. Extremely large well set round eyes tiny nose, plush fur, and a sweet disposition.

 You may view Boog here:

With a Black Bonnet on it is matched to DesignPurrs Chicken on Cotton seen here on the Kings's Page. These are two totally unrelated cats, matched up for their ultimate compliment to each other in beauty! 

Purrden Me Emily of DesignPurrs -Patched Tabby, Calico Van "Pokadot" Proven Odd eye carrier. Grandmeow to Moony. (Mom of DesignPurrs Chicken on Cotton) Retired

"Pokladot"  Emily is has been shown at the Southeastern Persian Society, and placed  there as 10th best kitten in the show!  She is a Calico Van. She will compete in the Bi-color division, even though, she is technically a "Tri-color," because she is a calico, and calicos carry 3 colors. She is an extreme high white, sometimes called a van. Her daddy is AJ, who has earned many titles, such as: The Honor of Best Longhair Champion, Best All Breed Champion, & BEST CAT at the Chesapeake, VA show in 2006. AJ is a 2 Show Grand, meaning, it only took 2 shows to make 200 points. One point is earned for each cat that the New Grand shows (or wins) over in the ring. Her daddy is currently working on his Distinguished Merit title, meaning that he will have fathered 15 Grand Champions. He is at 11 Grand Champion kids and counting in 2013! 

Polkadot's mom is also a Champion. Polkadot comes from a long line of champions and grand champions! 

Three Wishes DayDreamer of DesignPurrs. 

Odd eye White girl, DNA color tested. She is masking bi-color. (White spotting) and she is Dilute- and her dad is a red smoke and white and her mom is a white most likley masking seal point;  therefore she is either a dilute shaded calico, or dilute calico. 
Cute Blinking Blue Cat