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We have a policy here, and that is not to give up on any cat or kitten for any reason, and if it is in our means and ability to save one, we will, at all cost and resource.

Details: Kitten diagnosed with a congenital ano-rectal stricture. Basically, he was born with an inability to pass bowel movements properly due to an idiopathic (unknown) narrowing in his colon. This is not hereditary, and not due to an injury, and certainly not born as a consequence of poor breeding. By random chance of nature, he was born with a very small anus, and a band of tight tendon-like scar tissue about a ¼ of an inch wide formed part way past the anus muscle, encompassing the entire circumference of the colon, therefore not allowing stool to pass normally, or at all.

All forms of ballooning, evacuations, medications, enemas, diet changes, cateherizing, were exhausted before surgery. The end result was to remove the entire anus muscle and a portion of the lower colon and reattach the colon tube to the anal skin opening.

When it came down to it, there were only two options not explored, one being surgery, the other being death. Euthanasia. Well, we just don’t do that around here. 

Thus far, his life has been in the care of Vets, the breeder, and in a Hospital like/ Play room type setting. His life has been very innocent and loving, and we intend to keep it that way.  He has learned to wear pampers, and does very, very well! He runs and plays, and he is alert and active. He is 4 months old, but remains the size of an 8-10 week old kitten. Despite all he has been through, he is actually the sweetest (tiny) kitty that I have ever met in my life, let alone that we have bred. Everyone who meets him adores him, and I am not just saying that. He is very affectionate and loving, a life worth saving. He purrs and loves to be cuddled. 

We have refrained from publicizing this kitten as he is in need of special care. Until today, (05/07/2015) we  were uncertain of what his outcome would be, but  remained optimistic. He now certainly will require either a devoted stay at home individual who can manage his pampers and care or a cat house devoted to special needs kitties.

He will be placed cost-free, all travel expense paid, to the right owner once healed from his surgery. Time to step up? Any takers?

Again a stay at home individual, retired or disabled, or a Veterinarian clinic, a cathouse/hospital for special needs kitties.

07/14/2015 Update:  Monkey has not been successful in learning basic potty training. He wears huggies  size 2 diapers with a size 0-3 months baby onsie overtop. He will use the litter box once in a while if he is outside on the catio, but mostly indoors we have found it better to leave him in diapers as all matters of litter training have been unsuccessful. We believe this is because of being in and out of the hospital so much and being caged and in diapers while there. If he takes his diaper off, he runs and plays, so happily but will go to a corner to pee instead of the potty box. Once placed in a diaper he pretty much immediately walks to a corner, goes in a few circles, scratches at the floor and pees in the diaper.  He is not incontinent at all. He knows when he has to go.  He goes through roughly 4 diapers in a 24 hour period. He sleeps in a onsie and diaper.  Once in a  while he wiggles out of the diaper and onsie, but he behaves pretty well overall. He will require a stay at home person, preferably disabled, or elderly, yet able to take care of him. Some one who can dedicate their time to him. He is the most lovely, sweet and kind kitten ever and will repay in love you for all what you do for him. When changing his diaper, he does not run and squirm, or try to get away. He patiently allows you to do it, and if you need to walk away for a moment to grab something, simply tell him to stay there and he will. He is very obedient and well mannered. He will make a lovely pet for the right person or couple. Again, you must stay at home most of the time, only leaving for short outings, such as shopping or appointments, so that you may return to take care of him. 

Re-post as necessary. Please forward to all Persian Rescue groups. This page will be removed once he has found a home.

07/21/2015 Update:  DesignPurrs Cedric Rutherford iii  (AKA Monkey)  is at home on the countryside, living a life with a retired couple and their Yorkie, Bart. This is a trial run though, and we were asked to "keep looking for a  suitable home for him." 

10/24/2016 Update: Monkey is as happy as can be and living happily ever after, now married, both him and his wife are "fixed."

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Monkey went home in June 2015. He is no longer available! 

Thank you everyone who supported Monkey in his journey!




This is the Xray before an evacuation.  Notice the V shape exiting the rectum.

Exray after Evacuation, all clear of stool, but unable to pass material on own.

Monkey had his surgery on May 7th,  2015. The surgery was a success.  Both the outer Anal Muscle and the inner sphincter muscles were removed. Monkey is now able to pass stool on his own. He surprisingly has a great bit of control over his bowel movements. He actually approaches the litter box and squats to pass a movement. 

It is still very early to know exactly what his life will be like, but we can say this much, It is much better than ever expected. We never thought he would be able to retain or evacuate stool on his own. We thought he would have a complete incontinence, but that is simply not the case. 

                                                                              Adult "Monkey" October 2016, so handsome, and so worth it! 

If you feel like you might be able to help, or know of a Cat Sanctuary, please Contact Us.

Monkey went home in August 2015. He is no longer available! 

Thank you everyone who supported Monkey in his journey!