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Most people mistakenly think that owning an Exotic Short Hair will eliminate shedding. Actually, it sort-of does, but the benefit is in the bathing- its less often. You will have to wash the cat regardless of coat length. 

When I first got my Persian, I asked if I would have to do any special grooming, and she said "brush her once a week." I think she meant to say brush her once a day, and buy a lot of tools, shampoos and other things. Prepare to groom your persian more than you groom yourself!

Long hair or short hair, either way, you will need:

1) Appropriate comb: Metal comb for long hair, boar bristle hairbrush for both long and short hair. 

2) A toothbrush. You can get one in the pet store or use a toddler toothbrush. 

3) Toothpaste. Chicken flavor available at pet store, or toddler training toothpaste: No adult human toothpaste, EVER!  She will eat it and get sick.                                                

3) Cat toenail clippers. No human clippers! 

4) Unscented baby or cat wipes.

5) Metal grooming comb. Wide teeth on one side, more narrow on the other.

6) Tear stain remover.  There is also a brand called Eye Envy or another one called Angel Eyes.

There are some terrible concoxions that people use: such as peroxide and hair bleach, clorox, fish food powder. Don't do that, ever! 

To Groom: 

First: Decide what grooming you are doing:  The Regular Comb Through and Quickie Wash, what I call the: Summer Season Hair Ripping Groom, the Regular Bath and Groom, or the very intricate Show Bath and Groom. 

For long haired cats and short haired cats, it is basically the same concept, just with more work involved on a long haired cat.

The Regular Comb Through and Quickie Wash: 

This is a daily groom.

1) Prepare all combs and brushes. Then go get the cat.

2) Gently comb with the metal comb.

3) Wipe kitty down with an unscented baby wipe around the eyes, (take care to use an eye cleaner) Wipe down the feet, and the external areas, under the tail, and the rest of the body in a smoothe petting motion.

4) Re-comb, as neccesary.

With the daily groom, use the metal comb not the furminator. However, you can use the furminator once a week, or as needed. Just dont hair rip! That is something totally different alltogether. using the furminator is for brushing in this concept, not hair ripping! 

For short haired cats: 

If your kitty has short hair, skip the long hair brush, for ESH, just brush him once a week with the furminator, and use the baby wipe when needed.

The Hair Ripping Groom: 

Do this only if you haven't brushed the cat in a while and are having a shedding problem, or don't have have an upcoming show for a few months and have time to let the new hair grow in.

Warning! If you do this more than a few times a year, your cat will be bald. You've been warned! This is something to do when we do not have an upcoming show, or seasons have changed and the cat is going to shed alot anyway (like summer.)  Some cats throw off a pile of fur everytime they sneeze! I have found this helpful at minimizing but not eliminating shedding.

1) Prepare all combs and brushes. Then go get the cat.

2) Sit on the floor with the cat also on the carpeted floor.

3) Pull the furminator through the hair slowly and deeply. Rather than a simple brush through, slowly grab the hair with the furminator and pull it out. (No, it does not hurt. They love it!) 

4) You can push the button on the Furminator, but I rather run it backwards on the floor to get the hair out of the teeth.

5) Keep doing that until you have a pile of hair the size of your cat. 

6) Lint roller the cat, or throw a pile of cat nip on the carpet where there is no fur pile and let him roll around in it until all the stray hairs come off.  

7) Rake it all up with the furminator, dispose of.

8) Lint roller yourself. Get the hair out of your nose, and off your hands, and out of your mouth and ears and off the wall or wherever else it is.

9) Vacuum the rest up with the vacuum on lowest roller setting.

The Regular Bath: 

When doing the regular bath, long hair and short hair, the steps are the same. The difference is the frequency. For long hair:  You may need to do this once a week , or once every two weeks or two months, depending on the cat. For my Shaded Silver, it was every week. For tabbies, it could be a month. Just depends! 

Lets assume that you already have the towel laid out, the shampoos, the toothbrush and other supplies, and that you have already brushed the cat.

1) Fill sink with water, put a little Dawn dishwashing liquid, yes it needs to be Dawn, in the sink. I use the blue one, the same one that they used for the gulf spill. Persians get oily on the fur on the neck and chest as well as behind the ears.  

2) Do the daily comb.

3) Pick up kitty after the daily brush routine, and put her in the sink, (already full of soapy water.)

4) Use a little Dawn dishwashing liquid. I have a small cup that I fill with water and add the Dawn to it. Gently wash kitty. While soap is on the kitty,  use the metal comb to comb through. 

5) Rinse kitty from the bath water that she is in, using cup.

6) Drain sink. 

7) Slowly refill, and use sprayer on her. Not full blast!!

8) Use conditioner, if necessary. Depends on the cat and type of fur. I use Pantene, or Loreal.  Whileconditioner is on the kitty, use the metal comb to comb through. 

9) Rinse kitty with cup. 

10) Drain sink.

11) Use sprayer. (Not on full blast!)

12) Wrap kitty up in towel.

13) Blow dry. If you use a large crate, with the blow dryer on low, or cool, NEVER HOT!!! Just put the hair dryer outside the box, and make sure its not too hot!!!! Cover it with a towel if necessary, but only if on cool setting. This way as she gets older, little kitty wont be so afraid of the hair dryer. Please remember that some cats, especially shaded silvers have such fine baby skin that you'll burn her if the dryer is too close or if you turn the dryer up on high. Don't leave the room when you turn the dryer on! You could cook her and kill her, or burn her. You have to physically watch her and put your hand inside to check the temperature. This also lets her know its ok.

Remember that you want this to be a pleasant experience, not traumatizing. So, you'll have to do this regularly and gently. Our kittens come already washed,  with shaved b-hinds, when necessary, and knowing full well what a litter box, sink, and dryer is. 

The Show bath: 

Follow the steps above, except there are alot of variations due to the type of cat. You will have to really read up on your paticular cat for this process. It is unique, type by type. Some persians have an undercoat, and youll need an undercoat brush, some need rinsing in an apple cider, water and rosemary rinse, while others need their face hair cut short, and even stranger still, goldens and shadeds need their noses shaved! 

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Cute Blinking Blue Cat
Cute Blinking Blue Cat