Persian and Exotic Breeder in Northern Virginia

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       None of the kittens on this page are available.

                They are all in their furrever homes! 

My name is:

Professor Cedric Rutherford III

AKA: "Monkey Butt" 

(Because I look like a monkey in my diapers)

I am a baby boy, I am not available!!!

born  12/31/2014

I am a Seal Point Exotic.

(That means I am a Himalayan with short hair.)

That is me and Molly in the Picture!  

I am a special needs baby.. My family asked the world wide web to look for a home for me. And I finally found my furrever family.

I am so sweet. I love everyone I meet and they all love me!

Both of my parents are Champions! 

My parents are: Memow and CH Bamboosa. 

About me:

I wear diapers because I was born with no butt. Yes that is right, no butt. It is a rare condition where there is a band of scar tissue around the colon, and I could not poop on my own so they took me to the vet a few times to remove the poo until I was big enough for surgery and then they made an opening, and pretty much, now the doo-doo falls out in  little doo-doo pellets in my diaper.

They offered to kill me at one vet's office, but my mom said NO WAY!  I am living a full life and I am happy. I run and play and wear superman outfits over my diaper.  You can read my old story "here."

That is Monkey peeing in the grass. Beats the alternative! 
We felt it appropriate to save his life and to post his story in hopes of clients to better understand the many aspects of breeding. Unfortunately things like this do happen, but we owned up to nature's mistake and are better for it. Monkey taught us the sacrifice of time, money, and love. It would have been cheaper to "put him down" but he is living proof: We are NOT in this for the money. We want our community and surrounding states to have quality pets at an affordable price, all while not skimping out on the care of our much loved little cats!  We love these little guys! 

Monkey as an adult.. King of the woodpile! 

This story is WHY you should never give up! 

        With a good vet, and a good heart, LIVES CAN BE SAVED! 

Thank you Dr Dove, of Companion Animal Clinic, Gainesville VA for believing me when I told you that "You could do this."  

Adult "Monkey" October 2016, so handsome, and worth it! 

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