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Red and white boy born March 18 2019 AVAILABLE 


Mom: DesignPurrs FunfettiCupcake and 

Dad: Kramkatten's Eye am an Odd Fellow (of DesignPurrs) 

This boy is for pet only. He has a few siblings (all boys and of long hair variety) that we need to photograph, also  AVAILABLE. 

This litter will be ready in about June/July  2019. Feel free to inquire. 

He is super sweet and affectionate. Very easy to handle and not jumpy or overly active, he is suited for older children, a single (very calm)  child, or mature adults. He is not suited for a group of small active children. His temperament and personality are that of a sweet lug. He is a cuddle cat and a sweet baby and would be best suited in a calm stable household.

ODD EYE TO ODD EYE BREEDING  (Both Parents are Visual  Odd Eye)

Red Tabby and White copper eyed Exotic Short hair boy

Born February 28, 2019

Available as a breeder first as both parents are excellent visual odd eye lines.  Available as a pet if no Odd Eye Breeder is interested. We will retain him at DesignPurrs until a breeder steps forward or he shows himself to continue to develop into a show stopper! 


Kramkattens Eye'm an OE Swedish Girl and  ESH (Selma) 

Kramkattens Eye'm an Odd Fellow-OE Pure Persian (Skippy) 

Odd eye to odd eye litter - Dad is OE Cream and White Van Pure Lines Persian and mom is ESH Exotic Short Hair OE Patched Tabby Van N/M4   (key to jargon) Kitten is therefore N/M4 (a short hair exotic who carries his dad's long hair gene.) 


CH Eloisa Magdeline of DesignPurrs. Born: 03/20/2011  AVAILABLE- 

Will anyone ever take her??????!!!! She has been up for adoption for months! No good candidates have yet stepped forward. 

"Habiba" is an old grouch- A SWEET OLD GROUCH AND VERY LOVING!  She requests her small pieces of cheese, yogurt snacks, salads, chicken and fine dining. (Basically, she is an old gal looking for a luxurious lifestyle.)  She is a true fancy feast cat ---a shaded silver Persian, considered the "Rolls Royce" of the cat world.  She will love you dearly, but she is indeed of the upper class- looking for the finer things in life. She enjoys slow rides in the car-- looking out the window. She will go with you in a purse bag.  She views the bath as a spa treatment. Hotel traveling, boating. That is her thing.  She belongs with a retired person she can stay at home with and vacation with. Don't let her age fool you. This girl has a good many good years left on her. It is time for her to go enjoy her life in full retirement and the lap of luxury. She is not for a young active lifestyle with small children. She would be best suited for a mature adult who has the time to cut up little pieces of cheese for her.  For this girl, food is love.  She was spayed some years back and is up to date on her shots and is in absolute perfect health.  She will make bath and grooming time easy for you. She is a beautiful girl deserving of a wonderful life!

Bonnet and Skippy had a single beautiful baby calico girl on February 16, 2019!  RESERVED TO A FRIEND/CO-BREEDER OF DESIGNPURRS! Sent to Caleb-Cats. 

Mom is Pure EX and HZ for short hair (key to jargon) and Dad is Pure Persian from Sweeden.  Dad is visual Odd Eye and mom is a Proven Odd eye carrier. 

Dam: CH Purfurvid with a Black Bonnet on it

Sire: Kramkattens Eye'm an Odd Fellow (to show in 2019-2020 season) 

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Cute Blinking Blue Cat