Persian and Exotic Breeder in Northern Virginia

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Page last updated 01/08/2020 



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Born: 06/29/2019 

This guy is now six months old. He is a bit on the small side, but he was held back due to him being smaller and slower to grow. Because of that he spent 2 full months longer in the nursery being held and carried around- babied and encouraged to grow. He has finally caught up and is ready to go home. He has great DNA- we tested to see his colors and coat length in the event we wanted to keep him as a breeder. Yes- he was small as a baby, but he has fully caught up and is superb. He could be a breeder (he qualifies with his type and DNA,) but he is best suited as a pet. 

Not for small children or louder households. Best suited in a calm or retired household. 


Mom: "Selma"

KramKatten's Eye am an OE Swedish Girl (of DesignPurrs) 

Dad: "Moonie Jr."

DesignPurrs Moonie Jr- My dad is OE!  

Girl:  NOT AVAILABLE - WENT HOME 01/03/2020

Born: 08/15/2019 

Extremely sweet and smart girl.  Will make a great pet! Will be ok with kids, in a mature home, or with other pets. Very easy going-- well disposition girl.


Mom:  Violettta

Caleb-Cats Violetta of DesignPurrs

Dad: "Moonie Jr."

DesignPurrs Moonie Jr- My dad is OE!  

Boy:  NOT AVAILABLE - WENT HOME 01/03/2020

Good Bargain pet. Have not had time to work with him very much. He is a little shy and nervous but will do well in a calm structured household.  Brother to the girl above. Can go as a single pet or with his sister above or with a mature cat. He is not jumpy or a climber, but is a bit nervous with sudden noises or movements. So he will require to be allowed to be shy a bit or to be worked with to make him a better cuddle pet. He will do well with patience. He has no bad behaviors, but is a bit frightened or nervous, and going home for the first time will require a planned timing to spend with him and to help him acclimate to the new surroundings, where his sister (above)  will probably be a bit more comfortable in a  new environment faster than him.  Patience is key.  

Born: 08/15/2019 

Extremely sweet and smart girl.  Will make a great pet!


Mom:  Violettta

Caleb-Cats Violetta of DesignPurrs

Dad: "Moonie Jr."

DesignPurrs Moonie Jr- My dad is OE!  

NOW LIMITED EDITIONS:  For Breeder only or stays at DesignPurrs. 

Still available as of 01/08/2020

We have named her Ariel, and she is gorgeous. Her top head is amazing and her ears keep getting smaller and the eyes keep getting more round! One of the best of this breeding. Still available to a high quality breeding program or will stay at DesignPurrs.

Pictures here at about 3 months old, but now at 5.5 month (Dec. 31 update) She looks amazing!  Super glad we kept onto her!  

BORN: 07/07/2019


Update: 11/10/2019 We decided to name her "Ariel"  DesignPurrs The Little Mermaid. 

(Because of her red hair) 

Mom is Pure EX (no CPC) and HZ for short hair (key to jargon) and Dad is Pure Persian from Sweden.  Dad is visual Odd Eye and mom is a Proven Odd eye carrier. Finley Pedigreed.

Dam: CH Purfurvid with a Black Bonnet on it

Sire: Kramkattens Eye'm an Odd Fellow (to show in 2020-2022 seasonS) 

Breeders, this is a nice odd eye carrier breeding! We have consistently gotten really nice girls from these two! 

Designpurrs is wanting to place a few girls in excellent exotic breeding programs- Kittens of the right quality will be sold exclusively to breeding/show homes only. (Must be shown) 

The sisters to this girl  are: Speedy (OE) and Lollypop. (both Championed) Brother to Moonie (DesignPurrs Eye'm over the Moon) odd eye black and white van. (all siblings pictured below. 

Mom and dad have consistently produced Odd eye, so its pretty fair to say these girls/kittens will generate OE carrier kittens that will produce OE with the right mate.  Not sure how many more we can produce like her (hence saying "Limited Edition") so please do not hesitate to inquire. We just had a litter of calicos on 07/07/2019.  They are short hair as mom is HZ. Don't be shy! We are honest and easy to work with. 

The pictures in the gallery below are of siblings and/or repeat breeding. (Last three pictures are of kittens placed in pet homes.) 

The red head girl below (born 07/07/2019) available to show home.

Baby boy from same lines above and below 

Mom: Speedy and dad Moonie Jr. 

Nice little red head boy (looks a lot like his auntie Ariel above) As beautiful as Lollypop! 

Very nice structure and look. 

DNA pending if HZ or chocolate carrier... (to determine placement in breeder home- show circuit or pet.)  His mom is odd eye and his dad has produced blue and odd eye kittens. 

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Cute Blinking Blue Cat