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Shown Above: CH DesignPurrs Eye Love Her-OE! (Speedy) Born 2017 Odd Eye Calico Exotic

About our Persians: Our kittens are raised underfoot with much love and care. Each baby is gently handled throughout the day to accustom her to being held, carried around, and cuddled. 
Socialization is key to raising confident and people oriented kittens. 

We are a CFA Registered cattery who breeds according to the CFA Persian and Exotic Standard.  We genetically test our cats for coat color as well as coat length predictability.   We breed Pure Persians, (non-Exotic)  Pure Exotics- (non CPC) Bi-colors in pure, breeding and specializing in Odd Eyes. We retain Pure Persians as a part of our breeding program and then produce first generation Homozygous- HZ Exotics through the elimination of the M4 gene. We then add the M4 gene back in (becoming N/M4) to allow for plush coats. We specialize in Odd Eye Exotic but retain and use Pure Persians in our program (to keep the coat thick and plush on the Exotic.)  We do breed at a level of show and breeder, pets and show. We stick to the standard in terms of quality, color, and cat build; therefore, we  place show quality babies in pet homes as well as a select few breeding programs. We do not breed for "pet quality" (otherwise interpreted as not good enough for the show.) We believe all should have top quality animals at an affordable price. We do show our cats exclusively in CFA, The Cat Fanciers Association.


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Cute Blinking Blue Cat