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Cat Nanny:

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 In Northern Virginia, we recommend Sondi Moore of AuPurr Cat Care.

Their team bring in feathers, cat nip, and feed and water your cat while you are

on vacation. No need to worry. The Cat Nanny will handle it for you. 

They even do the vacuuming and watering the plants while you are away, so you

can come home to a clean house and a happy cat! Outstanding service! 

Thanks for being Awesome Sondi!

By Far, the best cat litter on the market.

Arm and Hammer: Clump and seal, black box. 

(Tight clumping cat litter) 

Light weight box. 

Purrfect for a multiple cat household.

Ranking second as the cattery favorite, 

Tidy Cats Scoop for multiple cats is perfect for 

just one cat, but when there is more than five, a

tighter clumping cat litter is recommended. 

Smell is great!  

A purrfect solution to litter odors.

Just spray some in the litter box area, and 

directly on the litter, even in the room to freshen

up. The only problem with this product is that 

the spray nozzle tends to clog with the 

crystallized product. Still worth it though. Just 

rinse with warm water or take off the spray 

trigger and spray a bit of warm water through 

the nozzle to get it working good again.

A purrfect solution to litter odors.

Just sprinkle a little in the litter once cleaned. 

and stir. 

Use this product once or twice a week. 

Fuller Brush Boar Bristle:  Short and Long Hair.

If you can find the New old Stock, Vintage version of

this product on Ebay or Amazon, go for it.

 It has to be the SOFT NATURAL BOAR  BRISTLE !

 You may be able to find these in local stores, but not 

the Fuller brand.  Maybe you can find Conair brand. 

But those are usually  manufactured in  combination

 with (scratchy)  vinyl simulated boar  bristled.  It would be a disaster to use 

the plastic/vinyl version of this brush. Check local Beauty Shops for this style.

Fiskars Blunt (child's) Scissors. 

Must have for Long haired cats. 

Stripping comb: For advanced breeders/show. 

For sculpting a long haired cat's (Persian) face.

Cat nail clippers: 

We use this kind, exclusively. Can be found 

online for less than four dollars. 

Wrap the cat in a towel, or ask for help.

 It is really a two person job. 

The Furminator: 

Use on short haired cats to pull  out excessive 

fur. A bit expensive, around $40.00 but worth it.

No cheap imitation will really do the same trick. 

Metal Combs. Must have for 

long haired grooming.

Viynal or plastic combs are a 

disaster. They cause static

electricity, and dry the fur. 

Unscented baby wipes:

Must have for quick clean ups, wiping down the

cat. Unscented only! 

Waterless shampoo:

The puppy version 

comes in a waterless

and tearless version. 

Sometimes tough to 

find, but an excellent 


Corn starch. White colored cats. Put some on your 

fingers, work into the fur around the face and eyes. 

Keeps the tearing to a minimum and makes the face look

bright white and beautiful. Be careful not to get into the 

eyes. (Must be used on clean dry fur. )


Do not try to live life without it. 

Found in the plant version in Pet stores.

Also please keep dry cat nip on stock

Cat Tree/ Scratching post: 

MUST HAVE. You know why.

Weather you buy a mall post 

or a large scratching post 

furniture piece, you have to 

have it. I prefer the furniture as a shedding tool,

a catnip dusted attraction, and a scratching 

post all in one. The cats love it! The solitary 

scratching post will do, but they love the house.

Litter box: 

Do your research. 

Buy the kind that 

best suits you. 

Buy a small entry way carpet to put under it to catch any loose litter and  to match  your decor. 

Cat toys:

These two styles:

the toy on a string,

little things to 

 and a laser pointer are all you need. 

Cardboard boxes:

No cat's life is complete without them.

Any kind. Noodle boxes, shipping boxes.

Shoe boxes.Even boxes that are too small.

They will squeeze into them. 

If you do not give the cat boxes...its your call:

Without a box, many boxes in fact: a rotating exchange of new boxes,

She will go in your laundry basket, cabinet, your backpack, purse, briefcase.

Just get past the look of a box in the living room, and give the cat a box, many

 many boxes. Dust them with catnip. Watch her go crazy.