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Page last updated 04/14/2018 @ 6:57 pm.

There are kittens in the nursery and 

3 retiring cats available when ready. 

Adults shown first.

We do have new babies in the Nursery 

Please be patient and wait for your baby to be old enough to go home. 

(Everyone seems to want a tiny baby, but the best one to take care of the tiny baby is the mother.) 

After 14-16 weeks is best, as the kitten has developed immunity and is big and strong at that age.

The first thing you should know is that we DO NOT take deposits! Since we do not take deposits, a prospective family should email and choose their kitten through pictures and extra photos, and try to get their name next to the kitten as soon as possible so another family does not get to the kitten first.  

As emails and calls flood in to Designpurrs, phone calls are answered last, emails and texts are answered first. Kittens are held for a few days once ready and scheduled with the family. Should the family change their mind, the next person who inquired has the opportunity.  We have found this the best practice considering fairness.

If a kitten in unclaimed and ready, we may do a pop- in or next day appointment, but we do not allow pop-ins on claimed kittens to allow pick of the litter to someone who wants to "drop by and pick" from all.

We schedule a showing of the available kitten by appointment only once a kitten is matched to your family.

(We do not hold your money for a kitten that does not yet exist or is not yet ready for adoption!) 

We wait until you are matched with your kitten then you pay for your kitten at pick up.

Should you be interested in a kitten,
 Please email us and we will try to match you to your kitten. 

Moonie will be retiring in 2018.  He is not yet neutered but we are taking inquiries. 

He is a Champion.  He is an Odd Eye Exotic Short hair. He is an absolutely gorgeous and sweet boy. He is just over a year old.  Born 09/27/2016 

He is being replaced by his son who has larger eyes and carries the color chocolate. His son's name is Moonie Jr., and Moonie Jr's mom is Dot, below.  We dearly love big Moonie but we needed a change in DNA, color-wise. 

Surely we could probably sell him to another breeder for $3500 plus, but we want him to be a happy and spoiled pet. Do not be shy on this lovely boy. If money was the motivator, we would just sell him to another breeder. Can you give him a loving home? He is a really- really nice and very unique exotic, due to his beautiful odd eyes.. better yet? Take Dot with him? After all, they are a pair.  We will miss you Moonie!

His mom is Bonnet. His dad is Chicken. His sister is Twila. 

Dot will be retiring in 2018.  She is not yet spayed, but we are taking inquiries. 

She is a Champion. She was born 01/24/2016, so she is just 1 year old. She is a very sweet girl and deserves to be someone's furrever pet. 


Daughter of  Sugar Baby and Domino. She was shown at the Winchester Show 10- 29- 2016.  This pretty girl was an excellent match for CH DesignPurrs Eye'm over the moon, "Moonie"  Her mom is a solid chocolate and dad  is a black and white chocolate carrier. Dot is a pure exotic, (meaning there is no Himalayan or CPC -color point carrier- in her DNA) While she has excellent (color) DNA, she is a bit smaller of a girl, and it is best for her to be a pet. We have kept her first litter, a baby of one, named Cupcake. We will potentially keep her son with Moonie, named Moonie Junior, once DNA is tested to see if he is also a "pure" exotic, or non CPC, non Himalayan.  Dot's current litter is on the nursery page. The really high white one is the boy we will test DNA on and make a decision of he is a "keeper" to replace his parents. 

"Dot" is  super sweet and playful and was an excellent addition to the cattery as we move towards Bicolors and Odd eyes. 

She is a very pretty and sweet girl! Available by herself or with another retiree, or ok in a home with or without other cats, but preferably a home with at least one other pet, small dog or another cat. 

Design Purrs Upon a Midnight Dreary 


Someone who wishes to take Blackie with one of her kittens has first pick of kittens. 

Up for retirement 2018. She had her last litter on 02/05/2018.

Blackie should be placed with another cat. She finds security and true friendship with other cats. OK in a multi-cat household, or placed with one other cat, but it is best for her to not  be alone in her feline world.  She loves other cats. As a kitten, she was kept because of her personality. She came out hissing and biting- unfriendly and she was black and not really pretty as a kitten. It would have been hard to place her. So we kept her. Her brother, Finn, was really sweet and was placed as a pet as a kitten, and looks just like her. 

We kept her and worked with over 3 years, and she has come around and is very friendly and beautiful now. She looks at you with a meaning behind her eyes. She likes to be approached, and petted, but prefers to have another cat with her at all times. She is an excellent mother and now that she is friendly, it is time she go be a pet.  She is in excellent health! She is a zero maintenance cat!

Blackie and her brother as babies 

Blackie's mom: CH Eloisa Magdeline (of DesignPurrs) 

Blackie's Dad:  CH Caleb-Cats Rocky Bamboosa (of DesignPurrs) 

Rupert has gone home as of 04/14/2018 !!!  

He is not available!!! 

Rupert is the sweetest boy on the planet. He is a pure Persian who is in tact at the moment, but will be neutered upon proper placement arrangements.  (Ad originally placed in November 2017)  He will stay until the proper home is located. He has never sprayed. He has a gentleman's personality. He loves to just sit next to you in the room and not bother you at all. He loves to be petted, and he pets back. There are certain Pure Persians who are so gentle and sweet. He has only had a few babies in his  show career. He had a pair of twins, one with his first time girl, and three his next time.  We decided to keep his daughter, named DesignPurrs Princess Pretty Face. Rupert should not go to a home with small children. He belongs with a mature person or couple who are able to wash his face daily, and bathe and groom him. He is excellent in the bath- excellent- just excellent  lightweight and cuddly. He views bath time as a spa treatment. He is shaved in a lion cut but should the family let his hair grow out, it will be a massive coat as pictured. He is only 3.

Please dont ask "how much." This is a top pedigreed boy and a champion, and his dad won best cat in the show. He is the breeder's finest pick for an excellent and specific breeding program. His dad is a Grand Champion and won best cat in the show at Mad Catters, 2013.  He is not (exactly)  free, or re-homed with a 50$ fee to the first taker.  We are not desperate to place him but looking for the right home. Take no offense. Money is not the motivation to place this lovely boy. It is the best suited home for him, and fee comes 2nd to that. Preference is a retired person, a senior, partially disabled or disabled with caretaker, or stay home worker. Social Security Disability or  independently wealthy ok.  Rupert is a DesignPurrs Therapy Rated cat. This means he can be suited for a person with a chronic illness or PTSD for example. He will however, need proper grooming so there must be a person fit for that.  More pictures available on the kings page and by request.  Rupert Dolling as we call him is a true delight. 

Rupert remains unclaimed for the past 6 months. Until the right home understands Rupert does not spray and is not all used up personality wise- (he can and will still bond)   he will stay here at DesignPurrs. We are being very picky with prospective owners. He is worth it. 

Rupert has gone home!

So sorry they have all been claimed.  There is still time for someone to back out though, and we have newer babies in the nursery. The best way to get your baby from DesignPurrs is to stay on top of checking the website and my Facebook page. Keep emailing and stay on top of your game!  

There are a few babies in the nursery!

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